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We start the calculation of the price for our accounting services taking into account the quantity of documents per month. This is the first and also the basic component during the establishment of the price for the Client. Each document is counted separately. The bank draft is not treated as one document, but we count each banking operation separately. Another significant element affecting the price of the service is the degree of difficulty of the performed works. The economic operations are characterised by a various degree of complexity on the ground of the applicable regulations, especially the tax regulations and the regulations concerning accounting. In connection with this, the accounting service concerning the foreign transactions (exchange rate difference, records in different currencies) or the broadly understood forwarding service (a great number of particular standards in the tax law) cost more.

We recommend taking advantage of the calculator, which will help you in estimation of the cost of service:

-------------------------- Accounting service --------------------------
The basic cost taking into consideration up to 20 accounting records amounts to PLN 550,
The number of additional documents (above 20 documents)
-------------------------- HR and payroll service: --------------------------
Payroll service (35 PLN/employee)
HR service (25 PLN/employee)
Number of employees
The cost of HR and payroll service amounts to:

The total (estimated cost) of the service amounts to:

Send the calculation via e-mail as the request for inquiry

* The prices given by the calculator do not constitute a commercial offer in the understanding of law. The prices given are rough net prices and may be subject to change after becoming familiar with the details concerning the needs of a specific Client.


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