For Foreign Entities

The development of international trade and the greater and greater flow of goods and cross-border services provided between different countries have an impact on the needs of companies in the area of finances and accounting. The foreign enterprises want to implement their business strategies in our country, as they appreciate the economic potential of Poland.

We understand the problem of the exchange rate risk, the differences in the applicable law in the respective countries and the specifics of the activity on the international market.

The modern enterprises operating on the global market look for new distribution channels, and therefore they want to cooperate with partners that understand the specifics of such activity, guarantee the fulfilment of obligations resulting from the local regulations, and on the other hand will deliver the necessary and clear information to the foreign business entity punctually.

The employees of the Frux company have great experience in the settlement of intra-community export and import, deliveries and acquisitions as well as services provided between the companies from different countries.

We face the expectations of companies dealing with international trade.

We are aware of the cultural otherness and different business traditions, as well as such issues as communication problems and limitations resulting from the time zone differences. We are a solid partner for foreign enterprises doing business in Poland.

Our services cover:
  • Nominal ledger keeping,
  • HR services,
  • Design services, support in preparation and implementation of projects financed from the European resources and other sources,
  • Coordination of debt collection,
  • Employment of disabled persons – coordination of recruitment and handling the financial backing system,
The basic tasks of our company include:
Accounting service:
  • Keeping the Nominal Ledger in accordance with the applicable regulations
  • Keeping the VAT registers
  • Preparation of relevant tax returns
  • Delivery of the above-mentioned tax returns to the relevant Inland Revenue Offices
  • Preparation of reports for statistical and tax purposes
  • Representation before the Inland Revenue Offices and other authorities
  • Establishment of the individual Unit Account Plan
  • Keeping records of fixed assets
  • Settling accounts with the Clients
  • Preparation of tax payment documentation
  • Supervision of deadlines for tax payments
  • Provision of clarifications to the Ordering Party and its request, related to the performance of the Agreement
Payroll service:
  • Preparation of the payroll for the Client’s employees
  • Preparation of the forms and declarations required by the law, related to the insurance of the Client’s employees, and their delivery to the relevant authorities
  • Keeping personal payslips of the employees
  • Preparation and delivery of documents related to the Client’s role as the payer to the relevant authorities
  • Preparation of payment documents resulting from the performance of the agreement
HR service:
  • Keeping personal portfolios
  • Preparation of documents related to conclusion and termination of employment contracts
  • Preparation of appropriate annexes
  • Care for timeliness of medical examinations and training in occupational health and safety regulations
  • Calculation and control of the holidays to which the employees are entitled
  • Storage of the above-mentioned documents
Project service:
  • Support for the application process in terms of finances
  • Project budgeting
  • Preparation of the finance-accounting documentation for the projects
  • Current supervision of the project finances
  • Preparation of financial statements in regard to the projects
  • Preparation of applications for payment in terms of finances