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Run your business in Poland


Investors, when making decisions related to investments, are motivated by the information regarding a market. Poland is a very interesting place for foreign investors.

You can easily find on internet key figures and economy factors concerning Poland and you will ensure it is one of the best location for father expansion of your enterprise in word.

Thinking about Poland it is briefly worth to say, that:

  • It is very easy access to Eastern and Western Europe – Poland can be your door to the other markets in the region,
  • there is a low labor cost comparing European average,
  • significant internal market  – large number of inhabitants, almost 40 millions,
  • resilient to negative external factors and financial problems and  crisis – mainly due to the diversified export structure and stable big internal demand,
  • safe environment for undertaking economic activity and long-term planning (Poland’s membership in NATO and the EU, stable prices, GDP growth),
  • having very low risk of a financial crisis (public sector debt app. 56 % GDP while the EU 27 average equals 80% GDP),
  • large number of agile small and medium enterprises (over 3 000 000 registered entities).

You will not face with significant legal problems when running the foreign enterprise in Poland. The principal legal act governing business activity in Poland is the Economic Freedom Act of 2 July 2004. It regulates undertaking, running and closing businesses on the territory of Poland, as well as tasks of the public administration within this regard.

Foreign persons from the EU and European Free Trade Agreement zones belonging to the European Economic Area may undertake and run business on the basis of the same rules applicable to Polish entrepreneurs.

Other foreign persons  have the right, unless international agreements state otherwise, to undertake and run business activity eg. in the forms:

  • limited liability company
  • branch office
  • representative offices

FRUX can be your business partner and foreign affiliate.

We focus specially on a small business, family’s enterprises and the companies, which make its first business’s step abroad.

FRUX can support in:

  • accounting and payroll service
  • running business in Poland for foreign enterpriser
  • information research,
  • administration work,
  • trade support,
  • other

Please do not hesitate to contact and ask about the offer. We will be very happy to answer your questions.

The non-business criteria of your decision are also important.

Polish are friendly, open and hospitable people. The standards of living are continually growing and its level is becoming very similar to that of Western Europe. In the cities you can find restaurants offering various cuisines from all over the world and the night life. All of which is available at prices below those in the West.

Poland has wonderful wildlife and well-located resorts. If instead of the woodlands, lakes, sea and mountains. If you prefer to view historical sights, there is no problem in a country to find a thousand years of history.

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